Why We're Here...

Since 2006, we've been a company built on the premise that every person deserves the opportunity to experience their true passion.  So what we do is create environments where people are respected and appreciated.  They are environments that allow people to thrive personally, as they learn how to set goals, make decisions and become solution focused, even while delivering on the needs of clients just like you.

We've found that by showing our team what to do, how to do it and following that up with feedback, they walk away being able to focus on work while they're here, then focus on other important aspects of their life when they leave.  They learn how to effectively find and use their resources.  This helps them create the time needed to determine what drives them...what brings them true joy...and how being a part of our team gets them closer to their goal.  Our vision is far beyond the act of cleaning.

How Does This Benefit You?

What you have as a result of all this is a well-rounded individual who is focused on helping you be your best by anticipating your needs and having purpose behind WHY they deliver.


An individual who is simply doing the task of cleaning because they feel this type of work is their last resort to earning a living.

We've built Clean Slate Janitorial to be a vehicle that challenges and helps people to be a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday.  This prepares our team to help you and your business be a better version today than you were yesterday.  It all starts with the team finding it within themselves...then they can give it to you.

If you're interested in working with a company that believes in this model of growth and is committed to working at improving it everyday, I'd invite you to contact us to see what great things we can do together!

Our Culture

We celebrate each others wins

We embrace and learn from each others defeats.

We teach how to set goals and plan for results

We show our team how to effectively manage their time

We demonstrate how to handle conflict

We challenge each other to be better and to grow

We encourage the people we meet.

We are here to make a difference


Maybe we should talk.